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Dr. Alan Luria joins Dr. Brian Crichlow and Dr. James Pulaski in practice

Mid Atlantic Eye Physicians is pleased to announce the addition of a third eye physician on staff. Alan Luria, M.D. joins Brian Crichlow, M.D., and James Pulaski, M.D. at the Roanoke Rapids office.

“I am very excited about the addition of Dr. Luria to the practice. We look forward to providing the very best care for our patients. I thank the Lord for the opportunity that we have to serve the community, and I feel very blessed that a new physician is joining our practice,” said Dr. Brian Crichlow.

Dr. Luria is a native of Connecticut and a graduate of the University of Michigan and the George Washington School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Following an internship at the public hospital in Miami, Florida, Dr. Luria completed his residency at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

It was in Augusta that he developed his love for the Southeast and opened ophthalmology practice in Asheboro, North Carolina where he worked for 28 years. Outside of treating patients, Dr. Luria enjoys hiking in the North Carolina Mountains, kayaking, and bird watching.

Mid-Atlantic Eye Physicians, employing more than 25 people, is known for its specialized treatment of common eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic eyes. In addition to maintaining its superior services in the areas of cataract, laser, and eyelid surgeries, the practice has also expanded in recent years to include specialized services such as cornea surgery.