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Are you diabetic?When was the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? 

According to the National Eye Institute, between 40 and 45 percent of Americans diagnosed with diabetes have some stage of diabetic retinopathy.Sadly, many are not even aware to it.

The longer a person has had diabetes, the higher the risk. 

One surprising fact:Diabetic Retinopathy can cause damage without any outward symptoms.


Our Eye MDs (ophthalmologists) at Mid Atlantic Eye Physicians recommend that people with type 1 diabetes have annual screenings for diabetic retinopathy beginning 5 years after the onset of their disease, and that those with type 2 diabetes should have an examination at the time of diagnosis and at least once a year thereafter.

Diabetic retinopathy can develop in anyone—even those who manage their diabetes carefully.

As diabetic retinopathy gets worse, you will notice symptoms such as:

  • seeing an increasing number of floaters,
  • having blurry vision,
  • having vision that changes sometimes from blurry to clear,
  • seeing blank or dark areas in your field of vision,
  • having difficulty seeing at night, and
  • noticing colors appear faded or washed out losing vision.

Additionally, Diabetic retinopathy symptoms usually affect both eyes. 

Your sight is so important! Our Eye MDs at Mid Atlantic Eye Physicians encourage you to schedule your comprehensive annual eye exam—no matter what. Be sure to tell our office staff you are diabetic when you schedule your exam.